Engineering Branch Selector

If you are currently an Engineering Career aspirant – this module helps you to identify the most appropriate branch of Engineering for you. Selecting the most suitable branch will ensure a long term success and satisfaction in career. Engineering Branch Selector Test has following features:

  • Designed for engineering aspirants
  • Helps to find the best branch of engineering
  • Personality matching
  • Branch specific aptitude matching
  • Pdf report up to 32 pages
  • Contact on 8850545008 for booking one to one counseling session. 
  • Price: Rs.2,999/- only.

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Why Engineering Branch Selection?

Once upon a time in India, getting an engineering degree was worth a dream achieved, but not today. With the ever changing career eco system, life beyond engineering college is not very encouraging for majority of the students. One major reason behind the down trend in the employability of engineering graduates in India is the fact that students do not select the appropriate branch of engineering.

Usually a student is confused in between the selection of the branch of engineering vis a vis the right campus. Experts always advise students to give more credit to the discipline than to the institution.