Our Process

For taking Career Counseling with Omega Step, the student has to undergo following steps:

  1. Take a Psychometric Test
  2. Discuss the results of the Test with Career Counselor
  3. Plan and finalize the best Career Roadmap



Benefits of Career Counselling:

  1. It gives a platform where frustrations related to emotions and thoughts on a career can be reduced substantially.
  2. It narrows down the focus of career options.
  3. It helps understand your own strengths and weaknesses with regards to a profession.
  4. It helps understand obstacles that you may face on a chosen career path.
  5. It makes the transition from one field to another a non-stressful event.
  6. It gives you the required confidence to change your career domain, with the support of an experienced mentor.

What Career Counselling is NOT?

  1. It is not general advice about careers, courses and curriculum.
  2. It is not a short-term process that gives instant results. Rather it is a long-term process involving many changes on the part of the student.
  3. It will not provide jobs or admissions in companies and colleges respectively.
  4. Career Counsellors are not affiliated to any academic institution. They only help you reach your potential and aim for the best institutes and companies in your career.
  5. It is not a procedure that runs on trial-and-error.

Omega Step believes that Counselling any human being for any purpose is a blessed opportunity to serve the world. Often people who are talented and capable do not achieve their deserved success simply due to the lack of guidance. Not being able to use such talent is a big loss to the world. Omega Step considers Counselling as a way to help people in need of guidance and the right direction. Being a Counselor is like being a Pole Star for the ships in the deep, vast seas who cover long, difficult and challenging journeys.

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