Subject + Career Selection Test

If you are currently a school student in class 9th/10th – this psychometric assessment helps you to choose the most appropriate subject for higher studies along with most appropriate career choices.

  • Pdf report up to 32 pages
  • Designed for students of class 9th/10th
  • Helps you to find the best subject for further studies with appropriate career choice
  • Personality Matching
  • Aptitude Assessment
  • Personality and aptitude matching
  • Occupational interest analysis
  • Shows high potential careers
  • Cluster wise analysis of careers options
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  • Price Rs.5999/- only
Why Subject + Career Selection?
It has been observed that, usually, students are clueless on the decision for selecting the right subject after completion of schooling till class Xth. This is the most critical and elementary stage of career building for a student. Only a handful (& lucky) students get the right advise based on scientific rationale.
Majority of the students have been found to take this vital decision with confused and ambiguous state of mind. This leads to inappropriate subject selection which is like taking the first wring turn as per the career map. Incorrect subject selection can lead to unfruitful career choices and as such a student may end up frustrated with his/her career in future.
Hence, it is absolutely must for any student to choose the subject carefully at the level of class XIth which shall lead to better career prospects in future.
The selection of subject should be based on student’s interest, aptitude, personality and more on the base of the fact that the student is able to connect with the subject. Choosing a suitable career is one of the most important decision in one’s life. Given the vast array of career opportunities in our country, it is but natural for a person to feel confused or even stressed while making career selection.
We are constantly bugged by relatives, parents and friends firing the same question day after day, “What after 10th?” or “What after 12th?” or “What plans after graduation, beta?”, or even the famous “Which stream will you be selecting after 10th?”
Selecting a career is no more an easy decision; one has to ensure that his/her passion and abilities match with the future of the career option under consideration. Career aptitude assessments are psychometric tools which helps a person to gauge the levels of career profile interest, abilities, occupational themes and personalities. Every career has its on set of challenges and aptitude requirements. Psychometric Assessments help us to scientifically arrive at the nearest possible career fitment and helps us to make confident career decision.
You are at the right place to go for Subject + Career Selection Assessment if you have already selected your stream / subject and are in class 9-10.  It is assumed that you shall select either your stream aligned careers or passion oriented career in the career bucket while taking the assessment.
Whether you are planning for your first career move or wanting to switch jobs or change work profiles, this assessment shall definitely support you with long lasting and reliable inputs for career your enhancement. We strongly encourage you to revisit this assessment periodically so that your momentum on the road to success is maintained well.
Omega Step offers psychometric assessment for subject + career selection. This assessment is designed only for those students who have not yet started studying subjects taught in class XIth, irrespective of the stream, else the report generated might not be representative in totality.